"learning,innovation,pioneering"core value of interpretation
First of all,learning is a means,rather than objective. Need a way to learn.Method of learning the most important in accordance with the "four aim"(seek aim,compare aim,overpass aim,win the aim)in the first two to do it.Find a benchmark within the industry(domestic and foreign),comparative benchmarking gaps.Analyse the causes of gaps and seek solutions to problems on approach.Analysis study is the best way to learning process.
Innovation is not one simple invention.For us,at any point on the previous shortcomings improvements,promotion of standards than before,small production processes of recycling,any little innovation and so on are innovation areas.This is also in the four aim standard process.This process is the core of production management of enterprises.This process gap is the gap between companies.This is the real core competitiveness of enterprises,this is no one else can follow the example of great proficiency,which is strength.Purpose of innovation is to pioneer.
Pioneering is to do the best in the industry,which is what we call the industry leading pioneer.This is win the aim in the four aim standard process.Pioneer is process to beat competitors in name,essentially the process of challenging oneself.Enterprise development and growth are constantly of self-denial,challenging oneself in the process of implementation."learning,innovation,pioneering"is Hicorp Group core value,especially in the last decade history summary and practical guidance to enterprises."Learning,innovation,pioneering"is core values of Hicorp people,our code of conduct,is the essence of Hicorp culture,is also Hicorp group management philosophy and style.Any post,any links,whether internal,or external market,as each Hicorp people,each Hicorp team,entire Hicorp group to recognize Hicorp culture,practicing around the core idea!
We should be good at learning and innovating constantly,never self-satisfied enterprise,Our innovative and successful pioneer will lead the industry!"

Loyalty Service Innovation Dedication

"Loyalty,service,innovation,dedication,pragmatic hard-working,not showing off global deduce a good atmosphere of seeking unity within and outside development.The company has always been the lifeblood of the enterprise culture construction as the development of enterprises,systematically the content of enterprise culture and cultural factors,establish values as the core of culture system,guide staff correct cultural mentality,the ideological concept,value orientation and behavior,thus forming the centripetal force and cohesion fo the enterprise,cultivate the spirit of enterprise employee ownership,take culture as the core,embodies the people deeply,empathy,fate is."Universal is a enterprise,but also a career!More pragmatic choice make global people unremitting pursuit of the learning-type enterprise,but also a career!More pragmatic choice make global people unremitting pursuit of the learning-type enterprise ambitions,rational and practical enterprise culture will push the global higher,farther…

Development goal:build the world famous brand,serve clients around the world
Talent Concept:Career Retain Staff,treatment Ratain Staff,Culture Retain Staff
Development Vision:Leading the industry Development,Creating one Hundred Hicorp Group