By adopting laser navigation, with three-level safety automatic guiding function, the navigation and positioning accuracy can reach +/ -10mm. Central management for multiply vehicles dispatch function can meet the automatic online transportation and intelligent warehousing. According to the task, the AGV can complete the automatic navigation of simple path and complex path without any change to the environment.

Through the cooperation among the logistics upper level scheduling system, AGV ground control system and AGV vehicle control system, we can determine where the AGV vehicle is (current coordinates), where to go (target coordinates) and how to go (optimal path). Three main technologies in AGV control system can realize AGV navigation, AGV path planning and AGV guidance control. In AGV, the main function of AGV is the management system.
Safety -- the driving path of man-made vehicle can not be determined, but the guidance path of AGV is very clear, so the safety is greatly improved.
Cost control -- the capital investment of AVG system is short-term, while the salary of employees is long-term, and it will increase with inflation.
The vehicle driven by human will inevitably have collision accidents. AGV adopts anti-collision equipment to effectively avoid the occurrence of collision accidents.
Predictability - AGV will stop automatically when encountering obstacles in the driving path, but the vehicle driven by human is not necessarily.
Reduce product damage - the use of AGV system can reduce the damage caused by rough operation.
Improve logistics management - due to the intelligent control of AGV system, the goods can be placed more orderly and the workshop will be more tidy.
Reduce operating costs - battery charging and management are automatically completed by AGV system, thus prolonging the battery life and reliability

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