The development of information society speeds up customer’s requirement to more diversification and highly. Hicorp team absorbing essence design of air-jet looms from European and Japanese,using control theory created high-speed air-jet looms HCP810.

HCP810 is specially designed for high speed, low vibration and energy saving, which can further meet customers' demands for synthetic fiber, cotton, wool and other products.

High speed

Adopting new beating weft device, new wallboard structure and high speed CPU processing, the whole machine can run at 1250 rpm


With new display screen, Internet and new communication technology, the whole machine is highly intelligent

Energy saving

Since the auxiliary gas tank is directly connected with the auxiliary gas valve, there is no air loss in the piping. The nozzle of the auxiliary nozzle has a rudimentary angle to prevent air diffusion and realize stable weft insertion under the condition of low air consumption

Low vibration

Through three-dimensional design and computer analysis to realize the light weight and balance value of the beating up mechanism.

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