Hicorp goes to the world not only by strong technical force, but also through the development vision of molding the enterprise with culture of harmony, equality, progress and sharing. Hicorp has been awarded "national model worker's home" by the state. The ambitious choice enables us to pursue the lofty goal of learning enterprises. The rational and realistic corporate culture will push us higher and further......

【Core concept】: customer-centric and leading the industry by innovation  
【Original intention and mission】: Let Hicorp’s employees and shareholders live a more dignified life! Let made-in-China win the respect of the world! 
【Basic factory policy】: To promote the team building, improve the accomplishment of the whole staff; to promote the construction of "new level service" department.
【Business purpose】:Honest management and undertake responsibility.       
【Development vision】:Lead the industry,temp centennial Hicorp.
【Quality objectives】:High quality, zero fault.
【Hicorp spirit】:responsibility, innovation
【Talent concept】:Those who are competent at your job is talent, those who are creative at your job is excellent talent.

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