FA497/498 computerized roving frame adopts advanced PLC control technology by using 4 frequency converting motors to drive flyer, roller, winding components and lift system components to realize precise proportional synchronizing action.Which has advantages such as easy operation,high automatic degree,high yarn quality forming.

Max 240 spindles


With expert spinning system Data base
The special synchronous cavity controller is used to make the motors completely synchronous and realize the synchronous matching of spinning process
The flyer and bobbin are driven by gear or synchronous belt, the speed is more than 1600r / min. The transmission is stable, the noise is low and the efficiency is high.
The reserved network interface can realize remote control.
With power-off protection device and constant tension spinning system
Automatic positioning of parking flyer is convenient for piecing manually when start spinning to prevent bobbin jumping
The automatic lubrication system, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers
The intelligent variable speed program of flyer increases the spinning speed is greatly.

Technical parameters

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