AS / RS, referred as "stereo warehouse", also known as high-level shelf warehouse, automatic storage system, automatic storage control system, etc.Automated warehouse is an important part of the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0. Automated warehouse is an automatic logistics storage system which makes full use of space to realize the high automation of goods storage, high-speed storage and information integration, and is completely controlled by computer.
The as / RS system is usually composed of three-dimensional shelves, track stacker, in and out conveyor system, shuttle car, robot, AGV car, size detection bar code reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system (WCS), computer management system( WMS) and other auxiliary equipment such as wire and cable tray, tray, regulating platform, steel structure platform and other auxiliary equipment.
The integrated logistics concept of Qingdao global group's domestic and foreign expert team lasted for five years. It adopts advanced control, bus, communication (wireless, infrared, etc.) and information technology (RFID, etc.), and through the coordination and linkage of the above equipment, the computer controls the automatic warehousing operation, which can automatically realize receiving, assembling, warehousing, outbound, picking, inventory maintenance, and delivery Goods, inventory statistics and alarm, report generation and other functions.

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1、Improved and optimized use of warehouse space
To reduce space occupied by warehouse, futher reduce construction cost, also save resource and  increase intensity of environmental protection.  
2、Improve cargo storage quality
AS combined with the route setting, using coordinated and real-time management to control of the goods. Which makes the flow of materials faster and ultimately improve the quality of the goods in all directions.

3、Improve efficiency
AS can accuritely realize cargo warehousing, cargo inventory, clearance verification, inventory display, deliver pallet to production line automatically and finished product out of stock. This ensures that the warehouse has the ability to quickly exit and enter the goods.

4、Construct of advanced logistics systems and improve the management
AS expands the single storage function of traditional storage, and performs efficient operation management of materials (mainly the use of computer management systems and automated material handling equipment), which transforms goods from "static storage" to "dynamic storage", and The formation of intensive information flow is the bond of the production link and an indispensable part of enterprise logistics, providing the necessary precise basis for management decisions.

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Automated stereoscopic warehouse (as / RS) is an important part of modern logistics system. It is a kind of elevated warehouse system with multi-layer storage. Generally, there are automatic control system, monitoring system, warehouse management system (WMS), high shelf, roadway stacker, automatic warehouse in and out system, robot palletizing system. As far as possible, automated warehouse makes full use of space, integrates logistics resources, optimizes logistics procedures, shortens logistics operation cycle, improves logistics efficiency, and reduces logistics cost. At the same time, it realizes logistics standardization and standardization while building stereoscopic warehouse. It can ensure the comprehensive management, control and distribution of goods with high quality and efficiency. Therefore, as / RS system is a highly automated and information-based logistics system integrating multiple functions such as delivery, storage and demand forecasting.
Our company uses the concept of modern logistics development, takes logistics information technology as the core, adopts advanced simulation system and finite element calculation theory to provide customers with high-quality logistics planning, careful design, European standard technology and comprehensive turnkey projects. It is convenient to form advanced logistics system and improve the production management level of enterprises

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1、Single extension tray storage system
It can be divided into single column and double column. The maximum unit weight is 4 tons and the maximum height is 40m

2、Double extension tray storage system
Using double extension fork, the maximum unit weight is 1.25 tons, the stacker carries 2.5 tons, and the maximum height is 35m

3、Double bin pallet storage system
The stacker uses two forks or takes two pallets at a time in the direction of the forks

4、High density tray storage system
Shuttle board can be used with stacker or forklift

5、Gravity shelf pallet storage system
The shelves contain unpowered sticks and the pallets move forward by gravity

Pallet less storage system

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OMH pallet stacker is one of the important storage and retrieval equipment in automated warehouse. The lifting capacity of the stacker is generally less than 4T, and the operating height is generally between 10-40m

According to the structure, it is divided into: single / double column stacker

According to the running track, it can be divided into straight running, turning type and turnout type
OMH's stacker is equipped with anti swing device, which makes positioning more accurate, uses high-strength steel, reduces the weight of stacker in large limit, and saves energy
OMH's stacker runs at a maximum speed of 300 meters per minute with higher efficienc

Shuttle high density storage and shuttle board
Slide sorter
Shuttle high density storage system: it is composed of shuttle rack, shuttle trolley, forklift or stacker. This efficient storage method is to improve the utilization rate of warehouse space.

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High efficiency, greatly reducing working time
Better safety, reduce shelf collision
High density storage, warehouse utilization rate is 30% higher than roadway stacker warehouse
Flexible operation mode
The access of goods can be first in first out and first in second out
Fully automatic high density storage system using stacker.
Scope of application
Shuttle shelf is suitable for food, beverage, chemical industry, tobacco and other industries with large quantities of single variety and relatively few types of goods; it is suitable for cold storage operation, which can reduce low temperature operation time, improve work efficiency and work safety; it is suitable for warehouse with increased storage capacity and limited storage space, which needs to make full use of space.
There are two types of shuttles: 4-wheel shuttles for forklifts and 8-wheel shuttles for stackers.
Shuttle car is a kind of track pallet carrying car, which is composed of a running mechanism and a chain or rolling conveyor. There are monorail shuttle and double track shuttl

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Automated Guided Vehicle

Automated guided vehicle (AGV) refers to the vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance device, which can drive along the prescribed guidance path, has safety protection and various load transfer functions. In industrial application, it does not need a driver, and its power source is rechargeable battery. Generally, the route and behavior can be controlled by computer, or the route can be set up by using electromagnetic orbit, laser, GPS, etc., while the unmanned carrier vehicle can move and move according to the information brought by the guidance track.

Compared with walking, crawling or other non wheeled mobile robots, AGV has the advantages of fast action, high efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability and safety. Compared with other equipment commonly used in material transportation, AGV's active area does not need to lay track, support frame and other fixed devices, and is not limited by the site and road. Therefore, in the automated logistics system, it can fully reflect its automaticity and flexibility, realize efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production scheduling, and realize the seamless link between equipment and WMS system. Complete the functions of logic control, information interaction, data processing, signal acquisition, etc. Receive and return information from ERP system. Open inventory information to other management systems

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