Product Introduction
HCP2035 intelligent Roving Frame adopt the design concept of " electromechanical, software and data management system" and "modularization", subverts the structure of the traditional Roving Frame, and realizes a new breakthrough in spinning speed, spinning efficiency and spindle number, which is an epoch-making product leading the development trend of Roving Frame.
Main Features
"modularization“ installation to shorten commission period, spindles quantity can be flexible to increase without limit
Flyer and Bobbin Rail motor timing belt driving, average spinning speed exceeds 1300r/min
Electronic process, remove all technics gears
Spindle monitoring system to record all the spinning data and improve piecing efficency
Big database of experts makes spinning intelligent,can be connected to MES/ERP data information systems
Steel welding parts replace casting design for Green and environmental protection
Lower production cost
Spindles quantity of roving frame can be flexible to increase without limit, perfectly matched with long spinning machine
High speed
Adopt Flyer and Bobbin Rail motor timing belt driving, average spinning speed exceeds 1300r/min
Modularization installation
Adopt modularization structure design, installation and commissioning more quickly and with high precision.
Flyer center rod
Top or bottom flyer center rod can be optional
Running Performance Monitoring
Spindle monitoring
The spindle monitoring function can check the quality of the roving and flyer
running condition , can provide feedback and make necessary solution
Inspect raw material
Accurate indication of roving and sliver breakage reason
High efficiency running
As per feedback,aimly find trouble and solution to ensure machine running at high efficency

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