Hicorp’s smart product listed in Shandong high-quality equipment in 2021

2021-12-31 08:35:49 赛特

        On the occasion of the world advanced manufacturing conference, the Department of industry and information technology of Shandong Province released the 2021 Shandong high-quality equipment list, 179 equipment products were selected in the province. Hicorp’s intelligent woven bag packaging system was enrolled.

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

Intelligent woven bag packaging system▲

        This intelligent woven bag packing system is a key technology of Hicorp Machinery Co., Ltd. This star products are mainly used in the textile field. In this system, a number of technologies such as pick-up and unload manipulator, variety intelligent cone unloading platform, automatic stacking and destacking system, visual inspection and so on are applied to the domestic packaging industry for the first time; the patented technologies such as independent clamping device for the woven bag, placing cardboard above or below the whole package and so on are located in it; This system realizes unmanned and intelligent mode in whole process.

        Hicorp will continue to adhere to the core concept of "taking customers as the center and leading industry with innovation", by increasing R & D investment, enrich the potential for innovation and development in combination with digital transformation and upgrading. We will provide strong technical support for the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the enterprise, and realize the original intention and mission of Hicorp people - to make Hicorp’s employees and shareholders more dignified, Let made-in-China win the respect of the world!

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