Hicorp Group held 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting

2022-03-15 09:41:58 赛特

        At 9:00 a.m. on January 28, 2022, 2021 annual summary and commendation conference of Qingdao Hicorp Group was held in multi-function hall of headquarter. The theme of the conference is "go steady and reach far base on innovation and practice". Guan Yangchun, chairman of Hicorp group, attended meeting and delivered a speech. Group's senior executives, middle-level cadres, representatives of commended advanced individuals and advanced collectives and employee representatives gathered together to welcome this festival.

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

        Chairman Guan Yangchun first released Langya list in 2021. Hicorp’s textile subsidiary won fist title, followed by Hicorp heavy industry, Shaanxi Putian and Qingdao Putian. He pointed out that Hicorp is a big school. We will embark on a learning journey that will never graduate; Hicorp is a big family also a fighting team.  We are classmates, family members and comrades in arms. We should strive to build a big school with a strong learning atmosphere, a big family with a prosperous family and a united and enterprising global team, and create an ideal, healthy and stable ecological environment.

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

 Chairman of Hicorp group, Guan Yangchun, delivering speech

        Hicorp's advanced individuals and collectives announced at the commendation meeting including "group pacesetter", "advanced worker", "excellent intern", "digital advanced unit", "industry finance integration advanced unit", "innovation advanced unit", "excellent team" and "excellent Department" in 2021 were on the stage in turn. Every honor is the result of hard work, and every effort is worthy of respect and commemoration. The executives of the group issued honorary certificates and trophies to the winners respectively.

        At the same time, the award ceremony was interspersed with wonderful song and dance performances. 

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

        In the new coming year, We will continue to adhere to the core value concept of "customer-centered, leading the industry by innovation", drive development with industry finance integration, enable development with digital, and lead development with innovation, work hard, work hard and create a new chapter of development!

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

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