Hicorp's innovative achievements won the third prize of Shandong staff innovation and creating value competition

2022-05-19 13:43:00 赛特

        Hicorp’s integrated system solution of digital spinning logistics packaging workshop in the spinning industry won the third prize in the innovation and creating value competition of staff in Shandong Province. Reported on Innovation Conference on Feburary 21th.

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

        Our solution changes working method from relying on mess of labor tactics and continuous round patrol into a standardized, systematic and digital work from spinning raw materials to cone production process, reducing fluctuation and instability caused by human factors, and realize intelligent management and control through machine self-learning function. Realize the raw material management, production management, equipment management and technical management of the factory, and realize digitization and intellectualization. We can reduce more than 80% of the labor force in the packaging and reduce the labor intensity. Reduce production and operation costs, realize unattended at night, reduce defective products by about 80% and packaging material costs by about 15%, greatly improve production efficiency and bring objective economic benefits to customers.

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

        We commit to provide software and hardware support for intelligent digital transformation and upgrading, and customized solution.

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

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