Hicorp was selected into the list of Qingdao national manufacturing individual champion reserve enterprises

2022-12-30 11:42:09 赛特

        Recently, the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology issued the notice on publishing the list of enterprises selected into the Qingdao national manufacturing single champion reserve (the third batch), Hicorp was selected into the list of Qingdao national manufacturing single champion reserve. Up to now, there are 12 enterprises in the new area in Qingdao's national manufacturing industry individual champion reserve, of which 3 enterprises including Hicorp has been successfully identified as national individual champion demonstration enterprises.

        Founded in 2006,  Hicorp machinery (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hicorp Group,which integrates R&D, production, assembly and sales of intelligent warehousing and logistics equipment and textile machinery. 

        The digital spinning and intelligent conveying technology equipment developed and provided by us leads the trend of the world textile industry upgrading with its excellent concept of "meeting the personalized needs of global textile enterprises to the greatest extent with intelligent, standardized and modular technologies", and promotes the intelligent, digital and continuous technological progress of China's textile industry. To provide a solid equipment foundation for China to realize the transformation from a big textile country to a powerful textile country. 

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