Gathering Momentum, Seeking Farsightedness, and Emerging into a New Era - Hicorp Holds the 2024 Global Partner Online Conference

2024-03-14 16:31:08 赛特

      On March 14th, Hicorp held the 2024 Global Partner Online Conference. The theme of this conference is "Gathering Momentum, Seeking Farsightedness, and Emerging from the New", and more than 150 representatives from partners were invited to attend. The company's General Manager Zhao Chuanfu, Quality Director Xu Xianxiao, Production Logistics Center Manager Zheng Jiwei, and all procurement business managers and management department personnel attended.

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      In the meeting, Zhao Chuanfu, the General Manager of Hicorp, first extended a warm welcome on behalf of the company to the representatives attending this meeting, and expressed sincere gratitude to the partners who have supported the development of Hicorp Group over the past year. In his subsequent speeches, Mr. Zhao elaborated on the corporate culture of Hicorp Group, including its "core values," "original intention and mission," and "clean construction," extending the cooperation philosophy between Hicorp and its partners. He also stated that the "competition" will continue to exist and become more intense, but Hicorp people are confident because of their firm cultural beliefs and beliefs.

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

      During the meeting, Xu Xianxiao, the Quality Director of Hicorp Company, reported on the main quality issues in procurement and outsourcing procurement in 2023. In combination with Hicorp's requirements for higher quality and lower costs, specific requirements were put forward to all partners in terms of supply packaging, quality testing, and other aspects.

      Zheng Jiwei, the manager of the production logistics center, mainly reported on the after-sales issues, price fraud, and other issues of our partners in 2023; From the aspects of improving supply quality, reducing costs, improving response speed, and service quality, we call on all partners to work together with us to practice the core value concept of "customer first" and continuously improve customer experience; A detailed interpretation of the content of the Integrity, Compliance and Integrity Agreement was provided, and the importance of the agreement was emphasized.

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

      Gather momentum to seek long term development, and strive at new beginnings. Benchmark against world-class standards, Hicorp will create a new self that is forward-looking and up-to-date, and work together with global partners to create a better future!

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