【Innovation Conference】 Intelligent logistics packaging system, promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of spinning enterprises

2020-04-14 14:38:37 青岛赛特环球

        The 8th National Spinning Technology Innovation Symposium “Qingdao Hicorp · Jiangsu Zhandong Cup” which was carefully planned and prepared by China Yarn and Cotton Textile Professional Committee of China Textile Engineering Society was held online on the evening of April 13th, nearly 3,000 textile people participate in live learning!

        In April 13, The content of the wonderful report by Guo Jiayang's "Intelligent Logistics Packaging Application":

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        The current situation of cone packaging: cone packaging is monotonous, repetitive, and heavy work. Many factories are purely manual packaging, with many labors, low efficiency, and the age of packagers is generally too large. This process is increasingly difficult to recruit. The working environment of the packaging process is poor, the labor intensity is large, the labor cost is increasing, and the manual contact with the package yarn is easy to cause contact pollution and the quality is difficult to control. Especially now that the new corona virus pneumonia is raging all over the world, major textile companies have resumed production, the cone package process and the intensity of labors have become one of the shortcomings that restrict the spinning mills from being intelligent and digital. Major spinning mills urgently need automation cone packaging equipment and make up for the short board to look forward to the realization of intelligent and digital spinning as soon as possible.


        Automatic packaging application: The intelligent logistics packaging system greatly reduces labor intensity, improves the working environment, makes employees more dignified in work and life, improve product quality, improve labor efficiency, and improve product competitiveness. The digital integration of the entire process to empower traditional spinning is an inevitable trend of the 14th Five-Year Plan.

        The logistics packaging technology has been broken through which can meet all spinning mills, all packaging forms, all functional modules, including woven bag packaging, heat shrinkable film packaging, pallet packaging, carton packaging, composite packaging, suitable for ring spinning, air flow Spinning, vortex spinning, double twisted yarn, color spinning, other package and other types of package package!

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

        With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, enterprises have high request for product design, manufacturing accuracy, reliability, and stability performance. The production cost will inevitably increase. Reduce cost, low-end products will cause undesirable effects to made in China. What we should do is to win the respect of the world! The automation of production has become an inevitable trend of development.

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