Basket cannot bar wonder; Hoop cannot hold back passion -- Qingdao Hicorp Group holds annual "Hicorp Cup" basketball match

2022-09-30 16:50:54 赛特

        With the breeze of summer in early June, and chasing the pace of labor competition in full swing, Qingdao Hicorp Group's annual "Hicorp Cup" basketball friendly match was held from June 6th to 9th. In the hot basketball court, 81 contestants from the group and branch companies are waiting for the battle, warming up and preparing for the competition!

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        This year's basketball game includes women's fixed-point shooting competition and men's basketball competition. The women's fixed-point shooting competition is judged by the shooting rate of 15 shots per person; there are 4 teams in the men's basketball competition, namely the first team of Hicorp CMT, the second team of Hicorp CMT, the Hicorp heavy industry team and the united team of the group and Qingdao Putian. Matches go with three one-versus-one games.

        First up was the women's shooting competition. After a wonderful and lively competition, Li Ping from the group restaurant won the women's championship with 10 of 15 shots. Ge Manli from Hicorp CMT and Ding Qingqing from the group guest house won the women's first runner-up. The second runner-up was won by Hicorp CMT Yu Mengmeng, Qingdao Putian Chen Na, and Zhou Xiaoyan of Hicorp Heavy Industry. Cui Na, Ying Yuyi, Miao Jie, and Mou Zongfang won the Excellence Award in this competition.

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        The men's basketball matches were even more exciting and enthusiastic. Struggling to grab rebounds, 3-point shots, and block shots... all the players were full of energy, cooperated tacitly, and scored beautiful goals one after another. Every quick back defense and a wonderful shot touched the nerves of all the spectators present.

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        After two days of fierce competition, the first team of Hicorp CMT and the Hicorp Heavy Industry team met in the final again. After more than an hour of arduous battle, the Hicorp Heavy Industry team finally made a tapping kill shot and won the championship with a score of 56:54.

        This basketball game aims to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of young employees, further enhance the sense of responsibility, mission and honor of young cadres and employees, and encourage the majority of employees to do their jobs with stronger body and soul, higher fighting spirit, and more pragmatic style. The worker’s union and Youth League Committee of Qingdao Hicorp Group will continue to organize other colorful amateur cultural activities while vigorously carrying out labor competitions for all employees, so as to achieve "double promotion and double improvement" of skill level and spiritual culture!

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