SolidWorks competition launching

2022-09-30 16:44:38 赛特

        In order to further improve the three-dimensional application level of product design and stimulate learning and innovation vitality of technicians, the trade union committee of Qingdao Hicorp Group held a SolidWorks skill competition in the multimedia classroom of headquarters on May 10. A total of 25 technicians participated in the "ultimate PK" after internal selection of each company in the early stage.

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        An excellent technician needs to complete design task with high quality in a limited time. The contest questions are evaluated from two aspects: modeling quality and modeling efficiency. It not only tests the participants' mastery of basic modeling methods, but also tests the modeling efficiency according to the time in an all-round way.

         In the end, Wang Zhen from Hicorp won the first place and was awarded the "single champion" trophy; Zhaoshanpeng from heavy industry won the second prize; Ding Fengxi of heavy industry won the third prize; The excellence awards were won by Dong Lei, Han Peng and Liu Xiaokai respectively; Anbaifu and Liu Na won the encouragement award. Yin Yuwu, deputy general manager of the group, presented honorary certificates and prizes to the winners.

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

Single champion Wang Zhen

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