Contribute your energy to innovation, joint hand together for Hicorp career Hicorp Group’s Final Contest of respecting for technology, advocating for innovation came to end successfully

2020-06-25 11:41:13 青岛赛特环球

        The final contest on keynote of respecting for technology, advocating for innovation was started in functional hall of Hicorp Group headquarter in the afternoon of 25th, May. The contest guided by the spirit of the chairman speech at the 2020 Innovation Conference, inspiring the youth to inherit Hicorp spirit of contribution to work and innovation, keeping the original intention and mission in mind, demonstrating the spirit of Hicorp People's pioneering and outstanding, encouraging the youth to participate in innovation actively, and further promotes the implementation of the innovation system for all employees.


        Special guests including Headquarter Deputy manager Yin yuwu, Yu changjiang, Titular Cadres Liu zhijun were invited. Seven middle-level representatives are the judges of the competition. Liu Yongqiang, deputy director of the group office, presides over the competition.


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        10 contestants have passed the two preliminary contests and come to final contest. The final contest started with personal declaration of 10 contestants from different positions. Contestants delivered speech based on labeling sequence after self introduction. Focus on topic of chairman’s speech spirit on innovation commission and daily work, they expounded on identifying and understanding of respect for technology and advocating for innovation from different views. 


        Yu Fei from Qingdao Putian Co., Ltd. won the first prize of this speech contest with the title of "advancing with the times, pioneering and innovating". Her unique views and confident and calm speech won the applause of the audience. The second prize was won by Qi’ning form heavy industry tecnology company and Lin nuannuan from Qingdao Putian company. The third prize winners are David Lin, Ge Manli from Qingdao textile company and Cui Li from management center. An Yuchun, Xia Youzhi, Du Xiaoxiu and Liu Xiaokai won the excellent prize of this speech contest.

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        Finally, Headquarter Yin commented on the speech contest. On behalf of headquarter party committee, labor union,first he congratulated the winners, hoping that they would continue to learn, to innovate actively and dare to make breakthroughs in their future work, then recalled the youth to participate actively in the activities organized by group company,making breakthrough and progress.

        Just as mentioned by chairman in innovation conference, the global spirit of startup, innovation,leading and being the first should always be remembered and inherited by generations of Hicorp people. As the youths in the new era of Hicorp, we should have a great ambition, earnestly absorb Hicorp culture, and strive for success and brilliance with our dreams in the most beautiful youth!

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