The Enterprise Association of Qingdao West Coast New District Visited Qingdao Hicorp Group

2021-01-08 13:10:37 青岛赛特环球

        On the morning of December 4, Enterprise Association Members of Qingdao West Coast New District visited the headquarters of Qingdao Hicop Group. Dong Fangyong, Deputy Director of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau of the New District, Zhang Guofang , President of the Enterprise Association and Chairman of Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group , Zhi Lipeng, Executive Chairman of Enterprise Association and President of HSJ Environmental Protection , and enterprise representatives, a total of 30 leading cadres attended. The President Guan Yangchun of Qingdao Hicorp Group accompanied.

        All entrepreneurs visited the workshop site accompanied by President Guan Yangchun. They had visited the Intelligent Warehouse Logistics Equipment, Textile Machinery, Intelligent Packaging Logistics System of Bobbin Yarn, Prefabricated Integrated Box Mould, Special-shaped Mould, Metro Segment Mould and Carrousel.

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        Afterwards, a signing ceremony was held in the multi-functional hall of Qingdao Hicorp Group. Qingdao Hicorp Group reached a common understanding and signed cooperation agreements with HSJ Environmental Protection , and Zhong Hui Ying New Energy Company. Hicorp Machinery reached a common understanding and signed cooperation agreements with Zhong Ke Hua Lian New Materials Company in relevant fields. The cooperation among the member enterprises of the Enterprise Association has really played the role of resource integration, mutual benefit and win-win, and laid a solid foundation for the establishment of a healthy and sustainable ecological chain among the member enterprises in the future.

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After the signing ceremony, Guo Jiayang, General Manager of Hicorp Machinery Company gave a report on “Intelligent equipment helps enterprises to digitalized transform and upgrade ”. In combination with the current development trend and the development strategy of "5g + ABC", he made a detailed interpretation of the Intelligent Warehousing Logistics Equipment, which was highly praised by the entrepreneurs.

The President Zhang Guofang highly appraised the changes, industry integration and development of Hicorp Group in recent years, and advocated that all members should actively participated in the activities of the Association, and through mutual exchange and discussion, they should lighted the “sparks” of wisdom. President Zhang pointed out that the Association will also strive to provide high-quality services for members, give full play to the advantages of the platform, do a good job in communication and cooperation among members, and build a service platform for member enterprises at the most extent.

        Dong Fangyong, Deputy Director of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau of the New District, affirmed the development of Qingdao Hicorp Group in combination with the advantages of various products and market share, and put forward suggestions for the further work of Enterprise Association. He hoped that the Association would be pragmatic, fully considered the vital interests of member enterprises, and built a bridge for communication and development among member enterprises. He also stressed that the Industry and Information Technology Bureau had always been the home of enterprises and entrepreneurs, and always the strongest backing of the Enterprise Association , making joint efforts for the development of enterprises.

Guan Yangchun, President of Qingdao Hicorp Group warmly welcomed their arrival and expressed his gratitude . Qingdao Hicorp Group has been engaged in the machinery manufacturing industry, and its products are in a leading position in the whole country's industry. This is also in line with our core values of "Focusing on customers, leading the industry by innovation ". We look forward to more and more in-depth cooperation with excellent member enterprises in the future, so as to create a more brilliant future.

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