Half year summary and commendation meeting was hold

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        On July 7, 2020, summary and commendation meeting for the first half of 2020 was presided by Guo Jiayang-deputy general manager in the multi-function hall. All company officials and employees attended the meeting. 


         At the meeting, a farewell ceremony was held for retired employees. On behalf of the company, manager Zheng Jiwei of the production and logistics center delivered a farewell speech to Zhang Cuixin, who retired in the first half of the year by affirming Zhang 's hard work over the past decades, and sent sincere appriciate and wishes. Mr. Zhao and Mr. Wang wore glorious red flowers for her, issued retirement certificates and souvenirs, and took a group photo as a souvenir.

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         At the meeting, vice general manager Cui Guihua read out the "decision on Commending the collective and individual outstanding contributions to the fight against the novel covid-19 epidemic", and awards them. The company awarded the after-sales service team as the "outstanding contribution collective", the technology department and the production logistics center team as the "advanced collective for epidemic prevention and control", Cai Dianhui and other 20 people as the "most beautiful brave heroes who put themselves in harm's way", and Ding Meigui and other 7 people as "outstanding individuals in epidemic prevention and control". Zhang Guanghai, Yang Xiaofeng, Guan peihao, Liu Xin, Liu zilun and Zhang Kaowen were awarded the "most beautiful reverse Walker special award" for the most serious domestic epidemic situation. After successfully completing the domestic installation and commissioning task, they were transferred to the foreign battlefield. Now the foreign epidemic situation is very severe and still stick to the combat posts. At the meeting, all the staff also watched the video sent back by overseas comrades in arms. Through the video, all participants felt that they were still fighting. They were customer-centered and fearless. They also felt their hard work and difficulty. Many employees left tears and spontaneously applauded for them.

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        Mr.Guo and Mr.Cui announced the award ceremony of excellent service personnel in the first half of 2020, and then held the award ceremony of excellent project in the second half of 2020.


        In this meeting, Wang Chengji, chief engineer of the company, took "market is the only standard for quality inspection" as the title, comprehensively summarized the implementation of quality objectives and plans in 2020, and put forward the quality work requirements in the second half of the year. General manager Wang put forward specific requirements from the aspects of design quality, basic management of various departments, drawing up lists, focusing on liquidation and assessment, and also proposed to continue to promote the "May campaign". After that, Zhang Jinlun, manager of the quality inspection department, took the oath, and all the quality grid members reviewed the pledge of quality.



        Finally, Zhao summed up the work in the first half of the year with theme of "solid foundation for developing a better tomorrow". The novel coronavirus that had unexpectedly arrived in the first half of 2020 has brought the whole earth to a virtual day. Under the outbreak of the epidemic, we ensure the safety and health of every one’s family. We firmly believe in deeply practicing the core value concept of "customer-centered", carry out the "warm spring action" to overcome the difficulties together with our customers, helping them to resume production. In the first half of the year, although affected by the epidemic situation, the production and operation of the whole company was still very good. During this period, we created 16 hours of service speed, completed the research and development of a new palletizer in three days, and delivered the whole woven bag packaging line in 12 days, etc. Zhao also pointed out that there are still many problems in the whole company.



        General manager Zhao pointed out that the established goals, the established strategic principles and the determination of transformation and upgrading will remain unchanged in the second half of the year. We also need to strengthen the R&D, increase the marketing intensity, and promote the management upgrading through the digital transformation of enterprises.

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        Unexpected epidemic situation, normalization of epidemic prevention and control, serious structural surplus in the industry and anti globalization trend have led the textile industry to enter a period of severe recession and adjustment. However, this just creates a rare period of strategic adjustment for textile machinery. We always firmly believe that with the strong support of the group and the efforts of all cadres and staff, the textile machinery company will not only be able to achieve the goal of the textile machinery industry in 2020. but also lay a solid foundation for the rapid development of the company in the future! All the cadres and workers require us to overcome all the objective difficulties we are facing with subjective initiative, and more importantly, to create the spring of Hicorp textile machinery development with subjective creativity!

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