Ding Hua, director of the special skill department of the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, and a delegation of 7 people went to investigate the projects declared of the nationa

2020-09-27 14:57:49 青岛赛特环球

        Ding Hua, director of the special skill department of the Municipal Bureau of Qingdao city human resources and social security, and a delegation of 7 people went to investigate the projects declared by the national post doctoral research workstation,accompany by director of Municipal Bureau of Huangdao human resources and social security Qu bo,etc On May 27th, 2020. Guan Yangchun, chairman of the board of the group, and Sun Xu, general manager of the group, received the leaders of the investigation.

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         First of all, chairman Guan Yangchun explained in detail the industrial structure, main business range, technical coverage, scientific research conditions, scientific research cooperation, R & D investment, innovation achievements, logistics support, enterprise development planning and other relevant conditions of the group, focusing on the future development strategy and personnel training of global group, and made clear that the enterprise will continue to increase R &D intensity and increase its funds Investment, hoping that the higher level government will give some support and help in the later stage of talent introduction. At the research meeting, Zhang Xiyue, director of the technology center, made a detailed report to the expert group on the scientific research and innovation achievements and the proposed postdoctoral work of Hicorp group.


         In view of the problems and confusions existing in our application work, the expert group shared the relevant experience and effective resources of the application and construction of the post doctoral research station, and gave opinions and suggestions on the improvement of the structure of the application materials, the support of the scientific research projects, the necessity and feasibility of the projects. The meeting also had a warmly discussion on how to gather experts, lead industrial upgrading, and further promote the optimization of industrial structure and the development of industrial Internet.

Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao)Co.,Ltd.

        Director Ding Hua gave full affirmation to our company's achievements and development strategy in recent years. Director Ding pointed out that through the on-the-spot investigation, we can see that Hicorp group has a clear plan for the post doctoral research station, and also show the firm determination to improve the development level of the enterprise through R &D innovation and talent introduction, which is also the real original intention of establishing the post doctoral research station. Scientific research workstation has a high gold content, so the construction work can not be ignored. To attract high attention, we should not only build a good postdoctoral research workstation, but also use it well in the later stage, so as to make it an effective platform for recruiting and gathering talents and completing high-level scientific research projects, and lay a foundation for the development of an important channel for high-level team cooperation. Director Ding said that he would further strengthen the guidance and service for the construction of post doctoral scientific research workstation, and provide strong help and support for the application work of scientific research workstation in all aspects.


        The national post doctoral research workstation is not only a carrier and platform to gather high-level talent team and promote the transformation of scientific research achievements, but also a booster to improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises and promote the upgrading of talent echelon. Hicorp group will further improve the introduction and training mechanism of high skilled talents in strict accordance with the relevant requirements on the declaration of national postdoctoral scientific research workstation, and make every effort to promote the construction of the company's post doctoral research workstation.

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